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Actualizado: 7 may 2020

Coffee over the years has made it a great name, making it the first drink consumed in the world, and opening up a wide variety of ways to take it here we put the best known and a concept of how they are prepared.

We divide them into ways you can see how you can mix a coffee


AMERICAN. - It is a coffee or decaf coffee that is added to hot water to soften it.

DOUBLE. - Unlike American coffee, it is not reduced, and the amount of coffee is proportional to that of water, resulting in a coffee with more body and flavor.

LUNGO. - It is a coffee or decaf coffee that is made with twice as much water as an espresso, approximately

EXPRESSO. - Caffè-crema is the old denomination of the express, "cream" is the foam of the coffee itself

RISTRETTO. - It is a more concentrated coffee than espresso, which is achieved with a very fine ground grain and a short preparation time.


LATTE MACHIATO.- It is hot milk stained with a small amount of espresso. Coffee or decaf coffee is added over milk.

WITH MILK . – It is an espresso coffee with hot milk.

CAPUCHINO. - It is an espresso coffee to which foamy milk is added, usually sprinkled with cocoa powder.

LATTE. - It is an espresso to which foamed milk is added and contains a layer of milk foam on top.

CUT COFFEE. – There are two espresso coffee and a part of milk.

MACCHIATO. – It is a coffee or decaf coffee with milk foam.

FRAPPE. – It is a whipped coffee, it can be served with milk and always very cold.

VIENES.It is a preparation composed of an espresso long coffee to which is added hot milk whipped with cream, is adorned with chocolate powder in shavings.


BARRAQUITO. - It is a long cut coffee with milk, condensed milk, cinnamon, a lemon rasp and a splash of liquor 43 or Tia Maria

BEDOÑA. – It is a coffee with chocolate in the cup and milk

MARSHMALLOW. – Coffee with condensed milk.

ASIAN . – Coffee with condensed milk and brandy or flamed run, and a little drops of liquor 43, a par of coffee beans, lemon and cinnamon.

MILK AND MILK. – It is a cut long coffee with condensed milk.

BELMONTE. – It is a coffee with condensed milk and brandy.


ARAB. – It is a coffee or decaf coffee with sugar, made with hot water with cinnamon and cardamom.

COOKING POT.- Tipic coffee or decaf coffee in the center of Mexico with ingredients: cinnamon, cloves, brown sugar or brown sugar, very dark roasted coffee and medium or fine ground, vanilla and almond.


MOKA. – 1/3 Espresso Coffee, 1/3 chocolate and 1/3 milk.

CHOCOLATE.- Coffee or decaf coffee with chocolate in same parts.


CARAJILLO. – Espresso Coffee with liquor 43.

CORRETTO. – Espresso coffee with a little liquor, brandy or sambuca.

IRISH. – Drink of alcohol with 3 parts of coffee or decaf coffee, with milk foam and decorated with cinnamon.

POISON. – Coffee or decaf coffee with any liqueur.


WITH ICE . – Coffee or decaf coffee with ice and sugar, the coffee is hot and put the ice in the drink.

BLACK AND WHITE. – It is a coffee granita with ice.

OF THE TIME . – Coffee or decaf coffee with ice.

MILAN BOTTLE. – Coffee mixed with condensed milk, vermut, yolk, slice of lemon and slush ice.

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