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Roast a Decaf Coffee

The wonder of roasting is being able to vary the flavors of the coffee and being able to exploit the attributes of the seed that are not only found by origin. Here are the explosions of flavors that a roast can give the type of coffee:

LIGHT TOAST.- Cinnamon color. It preserves the flavors of the origin that is why it is used in origin or gourmet coffees, thus its flavor of herbal or fruity nuance is preserved. MEDIUM TOAST.- Amber color. It is a roast that continues to maintain a considerable level of caffeine but greater sweetness. In this there is a balance in acidity, sweetness and aromas. In the MEDIUM DARK TOAST, nuances of nuts, caramel and even chocolate are achieved. DARK TOAST.- It is an almost burnt brown color, which makes the coffee release all its essential oils and lose a large amount of caffeine, which leaves these coffees roasted for use in espresso machines. It gives notes of dark chocolate, smoked and with a lot of texture in the flavor of the cup. TORREFACTO ROAST.- It is a roast in which the color varies a lot because sugar is added at the time of roasting, leaving a sweet flavor. Each roast benefits each coffee in certain flavors, so we always remember that a cup varies in flavor due to its variables and that it will depend on us which coffee we like to enjoy.

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