The Decaffeinated Coffee Market in the World

Actualizado: sep 21

The importance of the international coffee trade is concentrated, these are some approximate figures of how the industry is doing.

  1. There are 5 international markets that purchase about half of the worldwide production of gold coffee: (Newman, Volcafé, Esteve, Carguil, Arom).

  2. 10 roasting companies move 63% of the roasted coffee sold (Nestlé, Phillips Morris, Sara Lee, Procter & Gamble)

  3. Three companies drive the market for roasted ground coffee (Kraft Food, Sara Lee / DE and Nestlé).

  4. Two companies move the soluble coffee segment (Nestlé and Kraft Food)

  5. In Europe, 10 main supermarket chains account for 23% of food retail sales and in the United States, 4 supermarket chains account for 28%.

  6. The main players in trading are: large traders, large roasters, small and micro roasters, and retailers.

  7. Some of the green coffee importing countries are the United States (25% of total world imports), followed by Germany (16%), Japan and Italy (7%) and France (6%).

  8. 75% of coffee consumption in importing countries is roasted and ground and of this figure 88% is roasted in these countries

  9. The European Union dominates the roasted coffee trade. In 2000 it had 60% of exports, producing countries 12% and other countries 28%.

  10. 25% of coffee consumption in importing countries is soluble. Of this figure, 83% is maquila in the same importing country

Points that can give us an overview of the commercialization of coffee or decaffeinated coffee in the world.


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