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Descamex  has been producing a great tasting decaffeinated coffee since 1981, with the highest quality standards, through two different caffeine extraction processes.

Logo Mountain Water Process
Water Process
Iit all begins with a detailed physical / chemical analysis performed in order to determine optimal conditions, then we steam the beans and prepare them previous the extraction.

We extract the caffeine under controlled conditions of flow, temperature, pressure and vacuum, using  a green coffee extract  obtained from the coffee beans.

After the extraction takes place we dry gently trough our triple drying system and we end up polishing the coffee beans

MC Process



We are the first decaffeination plant of the MC process in Latin America, we are always at the forefront in the caffeine extraction of coffee beans, developing techniques for decaffeinating based on methylene chloride, with a selective extraction of caffeine contained in the grain, preserving the properties of the coffee bean to maintain the taste and aroma of an excellent coffee. We remove methylene chloride residues at 10 times lower limits than allowed by the FDA, while assured that consumption of our MC decaffeinated coffee is broadly compliant with international health standards.

Logo MC Coffe Process


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